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The national press, broadcast news and 'Big Tech' are all owned and run by a small elite. They shape the stories we tell ourselves about the world, how we view society and what we do to make it better. The Media Fund wants to put that power back in the hands of ordinary people through independent, trustworthy sources that are free from elite biases and agendas. The Media Fund’s partners are those sources - and we fight for them. Though lobbying, campaigning, marketing, promoting, networking, event organising and raising funds. The Media Fund is a cooperative where our partners, workers and donors are all members and get to democratically decide what we do as an organisation.


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You can follow the great work of our partners, hear news about the state of the media and contact and engage with The Media Fund through our social media channels here. Say hello

Monthly Newsletter Subscription:

Bywire News is a digital platform for creators and publishers to publish unbiased and unconflicted news where readers are placed at the heart of the platform; no data is collected that is not explicitly given. Readers earn a monetary reward (crypto token named Wirebit) each time they consume content; we call this the Universal Basic Rewards (UBR). Readers can either keep this reward or reward it back to the publishers and creators, they can reward more or less than they received and they can use this to fund specific journalistic projects, stories or creators.

The Bywire decentralised ecosystem contains a series of benefits and unique functionalities which will end dependencies on advertisers and generate a self-sustaining and self-financing news ecosystem. Decentralised, democratic and governed by its publishers, publisher block producers, creators and by its community. Bywire is building the world's first truly democratic, attributable, independent blockchain secure news network and we would love you to join us.

Bywire News